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Dolly Star Foundation

The Dolly Star Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to introducing a revolutionary  Cow Therapy Service Program. Our mission is to promote health, healing, and comfort to memory care facilities, hospitals, and those in need starting in our local Arizona community. 


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 What started with a passion to bring joy and comfort to seniors and individuals in memory care facilities,  the Dolly Star Foundation has broadened its scope to include a multitude of sites and programs  The power of this revolutionary  bovine therapy program is now desired throughout the community in hospitals, schools, and other support venues. Dolly’s size may be small, but her heart is huge. The benefits of cow therapy is limitless.  It is our desire to touch as many as we can, expanding our reach to individuals with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, hospitals, Autism, and other special needs. For those who just want to love a cow, we are here for you as well. Currently, Dolly’s visits and appearances are taking place within Arizona locally in Chandler and Gilbert.


The Dolly Star Foundation is committed to developing the first bovine animal therapy program in the country and, in doing so, bringing the community together to enable excellent outcomes.


Our goal is to expand our visits to all of Arizona as our foundation grows. We envision this being a very successful program with explosive growth throughout the country as the benefits of bovine therapy is realized.